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Featuring the skateboard photography of Ted Terrebonne as seen in Skateboarder Magazine, Action Now, Juice Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, Heckler Magazine, Bail Magazine, The Skateboard Mag and Concrete Wave Magazine.

Skater: Deano Mueller

Location: Sepulveda Dam
Los Angeles Area
Year: 1980

Issue: Skateboarder Magazine June 1980

Photo: Ted Terrebonne


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    This was a very unexpected surprise  scoring the cover with this shot. It wasn't a planned
    cover. I was called into the Associate Publisher's, D. David Morin, office one day by
    Jim Cassimus and they surprised me with the announcement that my picture of Deano made the
    cover. I have to say that is was one of the happiest days of my life. I rushed over to
    Deano's house to let him know about the good news and I think he was happier that I was.
    That was one happy day!

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