Skaters: Dave Andrecht  Top Right: Mike Smith   Bottom Right: Jose Castro

Location: Marina Del Rey Skatepark

Year: 1979

Issue: Thrasher Magazine
August 2000

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

This picture and the two on the next page I have to credit for getting me back
in to the skate scene lately. I was on vacation last year, August 2000, in the
state of Washington and my 13-year-old son picked up Thrasher Magazine to have
something to look at during the plane ride there. During the vacation I picked
up the mag and it opened to the Time Machine article on page 166. Low and
behold the pictures looked familiar. They were mine and it really blew me away!
I didn't know that Thrasher Mag had any of my old shots. I quit taking photos
back in 1982 and just never thought about it much again, like a fool. But
seeing these pictures ended up getting me back into the skate scene again and
here I am to start all over again.

Plus I have my son to thank for picking up this issue of Thrasher Magazine.
I called Kevin Thatcher, who was the editor at the time, and let them know I'm
still alive and I hope the rest
will be future history.

Again these shots were taken at my favorite Southern California skatepark to
photograph, Marina del Ray, in the Los Angeles area.

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