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Skater: Alan 'Ollie' Gelfand

Location: 'Big O' Skatepark
Anaheim, California

Year: 1980

Issue: Skateboarder Magazine
May 1980

Photos: Ted Terrebonne

    Alan 'Ollie' Gelfand, what can I say about the guy who invented the most
    used and revolutionary trick to this day, the 'Ollie'. Just about everyone
    that skates does one form of that trick. At the time the 'Ollie' was a
    mind blowing trick that opened up a new form of skating that helped make
    contest extremely more interesting. Alan was and still is a very good guy.
    I talked to him at the Old School Skate Jam and he started skating again.
    People really need to know about the roots of skating today. If you are a
    skater, please look into the history of skateboarding whenever you can and
    write all the skate mags and tell them that you want to see and learn more
    about skateboarding's past with pictures and articles.