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Skater: Bert LaMar

Location: Marina Del Rey Skatepark
Marina Del Rey, California

Year: 1979

Issue: Skateboarder Magazine
March 1980

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Bert was always the little guy around
the big pros. He was only a little guy because he was much younger that everyone else. But this guy could and did tear it
up with the big guys all the time!

I have to add a comment about the poles
that over hang the pools at Marina del
Ray Skatepark. It was Ray Allen's idea
to do that. He thought that at night the skaters would not have to deal with the shadows and could see better. Little did
Ray know that he created the best lighting in a pool at night for the skateboard photographers. You can see it in all the great night shots taken at this pool at night all thru Skateboarder Magazine over the years. Thanks Ray!