Skater: Ted Terrebonne

Location: Marina Del Rey
Marina Del Rey, California

Year: 1980

Issue: Skateboarder's Action Now
April 1981 All Photo Issue

Photo: Deano Mueller, yes the guy who
graced my one and only Skateboarder
Magazine cover on page one.

Yes friends it's me T Bone on the board! I did skate a lot
and most of all I considered myself a skater first then a
photographer second. But most of all I was a skateboarding
photographer who was a real friend to the skaters. I spent
as much time as I could with the skaters and I was their
friend. We would go to a park and skate all day and then
when the time was right, I would break out the cameras and
get the shots. I think the skaters respected me for that.
I loved to skate and I really miss skating and wish I could
do it again... but I'm too old!

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