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Skater: Steve Caballero

Location: Winchester Skatepark
San Jose, California

Year: 1980

Issue: Skateboarder's Action Now
April 1981 All Photo Issue

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Steve Caballero was the best at the
new tricks back then. Everything came natural to him. He was one of my favorite subjects to photograph and this is one of my best skateboard
shots ever. Notice that we used multiple flashes back then and now
it is a standard for most skate photography shots. I started using 3 flashes back in early 1978. And then back in 1976 when I first picked up a camera and shoot pictures, I used a flash at sunset to get backlit skies with fill flashed skaters and sent pictures to Warren Bolster who was the editor of Skateboarder Magazine back then. It's funny how in 1977 his pictures started to show up in the magazine using some of my ideas. Oh well at least I know what I did!