Skater: Jason Jessee

Location: Strawberry Lodge,
Strawberry, California

Year: 2001

Issue: Juice Magazine
Cover September 2001

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Could you imagine one of your first jobs back
after 20 years without taking pictures and you
get the chance to work with Jason Jessee on his interview photos for Juice Magazine. I never met
Jason before, he was big after my retirement from photography, but it was a pleasure working with
him. Most of the time when you photograph a skater
you at least know each other. I guess we got it together fast enough to score the shots that were needed for his interview. Needless to say it was
good enough for the cover of Juice!

Well I'm officially back and what a way to kick it off with the first skateboarding pictures published in over 20 years and I score the cover of Juice Magazine. I'm honored and proud to say that I'm working for Juice Magazine now. They are one of the only mags that are true to the sport and cover all aspects of skateboarding. Plus they know where their roots are and give the Old School Skaters their rightful coverage in their magazine. Please subscribe to Juice and give them the support they need to continue their goal of being a true representation of the sport they love.

To Subscribe: 
Juice Magazine
13900 Tahiti Way Suite 201
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
office phone 310-578-7575
cell phone 310-399-5336
fax 310-578-7575
$19.95 for 6 issues
$30.00 for International plus shipping. Email Juice for shipping rates. Check or money order
And tell them that Ted Terrebonne made you do it!

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