Skater: Tony Hawk

Location: Grand Prix Skatepark
Sacramento, California

Year: May 2001

Issue: Heckler Magazine #50

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

This photo session was during the Tony Hawk Summer Skate
Tour the happened last year all summer. This was my first
skate photo session in over 20 years and to say the least
I was a little nervous. I'd been away so long and to just
show up after being gone so many years was unreal. To top
it off near the end of the demo, Tony Hawk's board got
away from him and hit me on top of my head giving me a
cut that took four stitches to close. What a day back
and getting crowned by the King no less!

Every stop on Tony's demo tour was filmed by EXPN and was
shown on TV and every stop was featured. If you saw the Sacramento stop you would have seen me get bonked on the
head by Tony's board. Never thought getting injured would
get me on the television.

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