Skater: Tony Alva

Location: Ride-On Skatepark
Newark, California

Year: 1978

Issue: Wild World of Skateboarding
September 1978

Photo: Ted Terrebonne


This is really unbelievable; I forgot that I got this cover back in 1978. A friend of mine, Mike Chantry, that moved was going through his magazine collection and came across this issue of Wild World of Skateboarding and called me up and told me he was looking at it. To tell you the truth, I forgot all about this cover shot. Man I guess I had a bonafide senior moment on this one. How can you forget something so important as the first cover I ever got. Well I guess I remember now and hope you never forget something so important in your life!

   Wow what can I say about Tony Alva in 1978. He was the hottest skater and was at his peak
    in popularity around then. What an honor to have one of his cover shots! Actually giving
    this shot to Wild World Mag got me a job at Skateboarder Magazine. Jim Cassimus called me
    up and yelled at me and said from now on you work for Skateboarder and nobody else. I said
    sorry and told him thanks. When I got off the phone I was jumping up and down for joy. I
    finally got my dream come true a job on the staff of the only mag that mattered back then.

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